“A Cabinet Office report leaked to the Guardian suggested a lack of police resources were a key contributing factor. While this is clearly having an impact, it would be wrong to blame the whole crisis on police resources. The issue goes to the heart of the criminal justice system and how it treats sexual assault victims.”

NEW DELHI — Not long after telling the police that she had been raped, a woman from South Delhi looked out her apartment window and saw the man who had attacked her laughing with an officer who had given him a ride back from the police station.

““That officer then came over and asked me why I wanted to file a complaint,” the 30-year-old mother of two said in a recent interview. “He stated I could be ridiculed until I agreed to settle matters with out an investigation.” After months of intimidation from her rapist and indifference from the police, she were given a politically effective acquaintance to intervene, and her rapist turned into in the end arrested. A courtroom docket case is below manner.” “A a long way extra distinguished case, the brutal gang rape on a bus in New Delhi ultimate month, and the later demise of the victim, has caused an anguished re-exam in India of the various nation’s age-vintage attitudes in the direction of violence in opposition to girls. But while India grapples with the polarizing issue, a effective pressure stands withinside the manner of any essential change: a police pressure this is corrupt, without problems liable to political interference, closely male and woefully understaffed.” The remedy of girls via way of means of the police is one of these situation that legal guidelines now forbid officials to arrest or maybe convey girls in for thinking in the course of night time time hours. In case after case, the police have used their powers to supply abused girls into the palms in their abusers. Police sexual misconduct is regularly taken into consideration a hidden crime that robotically is going unreported. The modern look at offers an empirical information on instances of sex-associated police crime at regulation enforcement corporations throughout the United States. The look at identifies and describes incidents in which sworn regulation enforcement officials had been arrested for one or extra sex-associated crimes via a quantitative content material evaluation of posted newspaper articles and courtroom docket records



As cops usually have the power and authority, they tend to do wrong and illegal things as they know they will easily get away with it and will not land in trouble for doing it. They have connections and many times money to hide their cases. They threat the victim’s family so that they don’t file any complaint against them.

In Rural places this has become a daily scenario as, there are less police station to complaint and if the rapist was the police itself the victim will not be able to go to complaint in that police station as then rapist himself will be present there and even because the other policemen would be encouraging him or will not take the complaint from the victim’s family because the cop could be a friend  and also because they would not want their defamation , to protect the image of the police station and the victim’s family would not have any other police station to file a complaint or maybe even sometimes no police station at all

This gives confidence to the cops all around to rape without any fear. They have no fear of being caught.

Many men rape because they want to show command over the other supress her and to teach them a lesson.

Police come across many cases where they find women to be wrong according to their misogynist approach and their backward thinking and their mindset so to teach them a lesson or show her that she is not equal to men  and for satisfying   their ego they rape poor women and leave them with no option and those victims are unable to file their complaint against them.

Article By :-Jyotika Arora 



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